Some of my photos (Unedited)

Wow. I have not posted on here in a while!  Hahaha.

Anywaaaay. As the weather has got a bit better recently, I’ve been taking my camera out with me when I take my dog George for a walk. There’s some nice woods and fields around our way. I’m not the best photographer in the world, but I enjoy doing it. A lot of these are ones I’ve posted before on Instagram, but I’ve decided to put the unedited versions on here.

Please don’t repost or use without asking permission & always credit.



Belated Concert Report – Amor y Pasion in Bournemouth

I suddenly realised today that I didn’t put my report on here. And as many people don’t know my Tumblr (as it will stay *ahem*) then I shall transfer it here too. Originally in 2 parts, I’ve put them both together. IT’S LONG BTW.

So, to start with mum and I met up with 2 friends at the train station & travelled down to Bournemouth for about 12:30pm. We were driving through the town when we got stuck in traffic right near the entrance to the new Hilton hotel. Now, who should be parked outside it, getting cases out the back of the cars but CARLOS. WE SAW CARLOS FROM A DISTANCE *swoons* So basically that’s how we knew where they were staying. It would have been easy to run along there once we’d checked in to our place, but we decided to wait and see if we could see them arrive at the venue instead. Less intrusive.

Anyway, we freshened up, had some lunch and headed out down the front. The sun was shining, the people were packed like sardines on the beach, you couldn’t move down on the Prom either. Basically there were loads of people! And classic cars too. For a show. Meaning it was chaos. We hung around by the ramp down to the stage door, watching the world go by and waiting to see if any posh cars came through that were made this century.

We just missed a people carrier, with blacked out windows, which we think had 3 of the guys in, because about 5 minutes later another one came by and stopped not far behind the other one. I squinted at the person in the front seat and saw it was Seb! We all waved at him & he waved back, then spoke to the driver, before getting out and coming over. HE WAS DELIGHTFUL AS USUAL. My mum was in seventh heaven, being the Siren she is. Basically clinging to his arm when I took the photo of them. We gave him some gifts we’d got for the guys and the dancers, and he said he’d pass them out.

Then, my friend got in there with the idea of a rock album. He actually said, and I quote: “Yeah, I like that idea I think. I actually suggested that myself for the next one.”


So there we are, we might actually have our dreams come true (again) with the next album *crosses fingers and toes and eyes and legs etc* After a few minutes he had to go, so we said goodbye and that we’d see him at the M&G later, then we turned our attentions to the huge busses that were parked along the side of the building, housing who we assumed to be the crew and possibly the dancers. Our suspicions were confirmed when Raul stepped off one of them to go to the cliff edge for a cigarette and coffee. We pounced, basically. Poor guy. BUT HE WAS SO SWEET. We got hugs and everything. And we chatted to him for absolutely bloody ages. He even gathered us in a circle to try and block out the wind for him so he could light his fag. Mum ended up doing it for him!

We told him about the pressies for the dancers and that we’d given them to Seb. He said thank you and he’d go find them when he got inside. Which was about 15 minutes after we began talking to him. Once we’d managed to gush about how good we thought all the dancers were, from what we’d seen on YouTube & how we couldn’t wait to see the show live (which we also told Seb). Raul Pardo is an absolute sweetheart & I will fight anyone that ever says otherwise! Eventually we left to go back to the hotel to change before heading back to the venue, having realised the other people carrier most likely did have the missing Divos in it. We missed them, but we got 1 and what a 1 he is.

We were all lucky enough to have M&G’s (despite the fact they are hella expensive. I saved like f*ck) and I was the brave soul who went up first. My job was to ask if they’d opened the gifts yet & show them a pic of what they were in case not, because my friend wanted them to know which were ours….. What we didn’t know was we could have taken them in with us! Unlike last time, where there was a table to put them on, this time you could hand stuff straight over to them. Bugger.

But anyway, I said hello and shook hands with David & Carlos, then I went to do it with Seb & he wasn’t paying any attention whatsoever. He was watching the woman before me leave the room. So I stood there, smiling at him & waiting patiently. Urs was last, and he kept side-eyeing Seb & looking back at me, rolling his eyes jokily and grinning at me. Eventually Seb looked around again and saw me there and his face was precious! He was like: “Hello! I’m so sorry. Good evening.” Bless his heart!!

Anyway, as soon as I pulled out the photo & mentioned the gifts, they all knew what I meant and said they had opened them, they were lovely, and thank you very much, and Carlos grinned brightly (AT ME *swoon*) and said he had his propped up in the dressing room so he could look at it (they were framed things). So having done that, I had my photos taken & moved to the side to watch the other 3. Then we went to take our seats for the show.


There’s not much more I can say than that to describe it. It was the single most amazing thing they have ever done ever. The dancers were not in the least bit distracting, they added so much. My eyes were drawn to them, of course, but only because they were so bloody good! In no way did they take over. The guys voices were fabulous as usual, and to see them dancing wasn’t nearly as cringey as I thought it would be! LOL!

They were joking and playful all night, mostly at poor Carlos’s expense. He’s getting old and they’re letting him know it. But as he said: “I’m like a good wine. I get better with age!”….And David’s retort of: “Then you must be FABULOUS!” is obviously spot on! 😉 #Biased

And the solos. OH MY THE SOLOS. David just blew us away. All the guys had standing ovations after, but I didn’t think his was going to stop. And he genuinely looked so touched that people were cheering so loud and stamping their feet for him. HE’S SO CUTE. And who knew Urs had such a strong voice!! He showcased it incredibly. Sebby had me nearly sobbing with his and Carlos was Mister Showman personified. I loved every bit of it.

Being in the front row we got quite a bit of reaction from them. Probably because we were loud and gobby (imagine that!) Seb grinned at us & said happy birthday to 1 of my friends after we held up a banner for her, and got us to sing his line in My Way. Urs pointed to us when David was doing his out of breath bit, as we’d shouted they were made to dance after he’d said they weren’t. Carlos got us up to dance during Quien Sera. WIGGLING HIS HIPS AT US I SWOONED. We even got a wave off of Raul & Emilia when the guys were taking their bows before the encores!!

I honestly didn’t want it to end. I’ve been to 4 concerts now, and this is by far the best one of all. It was a complete show. They got to show what they can do, and a little bit of what they like with their own songs. I’m praying for a DVD, because this is one show that is just made for it. It NEEDS to be watched over and over!

As we were walking back to the hotel we passed the dancers coach again & got to speak to Diana (who dances during Abrazame with Arneys). She was so lovely. A couple of her friends were there to see her, so we chatted to them too. Then Suzy turned up and joined in. We were stood there for a good half hour just talking about the show, where they were going next, etc….When we finally left to go up the hill, we heard someone calling my friends name & turned to see Raul running after us! He gave us all a hug & said it was nice to meet us, and thank you for coming, that he was glad we liked it. DID I MENTION HE WAS SWEET??

To sum up: Best night of my Il Divo life.

IL Divo, Swoons Manila….

"See What Music Looks Like!"

iRocktography: See what music looks like... iRocktography: See what music looks like…

Utilising the three word method to describe the Manila stop on the Asian leg of IL Divo’s Amor & Passion World Tour, I’d have to throw out, entertaining, humorously-awkard, and vocally-impressive, okay that’s five words but I hyphenated.

iRocktography: See what music looks like... iRocktography: See what music looks like…

iRocktography: See what music looks like... iRocktography: See what music looks like…

If you haven’t heard of them think, the Three Tenors, performing pop classics with the swagger of a modern crooner like Micheal Buble, a.k.a. operatic pop. The vocal prowess of this 4 member group cannot be denied even by the uninitiated, hearing them for just a moment, it’s obvious these guys can sing. And sing well, with a vocal harmony not often heard.

iRocktography: See what music looks like... iRocktography: See what music looks like…

iRocktography: See what music looks like... iRocktography: See what music looks like…

Rarely, do vocalists wilfully decide to perform with a full orchestra and it’s a rare event for a reason…

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Il Divo Rocks! (Please?)


There has been discussion on Twitter recently, thanks to THIS VIDEO (watch the last couple of minutes), about Il Divo doing a rock album of some sort. Now, I for one, would LOVE IT. And I know several other people would too. What I’ve done is create a petition page for people to sign if they too would like this to happen.

It’s really more of a poll, just to see what kind of numbers are interested. In no way does it mean we’ll actually get one!

If you’d like to sign, please do. If not, please at least share to more fans so we can get as many opinions as possible. Thank you! 🙂

New Year Resolution

I don’t usually make New Year resolutions, but as my diet stalled and I became complacent at the end of 2015, I decided enough was enough. I was fed up of being fat. I was going to get fitter. Which for me means no snacking, little bit of chocolate only, healthier foods, and most importantly, more walking.

With George you’d think that would be easy. But I never did the early morning shift on the dog walk front, just afternoon (if he wanted to go and wasn’t asleep) and evening. Which meant I only averaged about 6,000 steps a day as opposed to the recommended 10,000.

So from 1st January I’ve been getting up just over an hour earlier, and taking him out just after breakfast. So far in the four days of 2016, I’ve hit my 10,000 once, missed it by 75 steps on another day & thanks to the stinking weather over the weekend, barely half that on the others.

No gyms for me though, because I’m deathly embarrassed by the thought of actual exercise in front of others. So walking is what I’ve chosen. Whether it does any good as far as my fitness and physical appearance goes, I don’t know, we’ll see. But I’ll keep going anyway and hope against hope that it does help.

Review of @The_Overtones @ Southampton O2 Guildhall (19/12/2015)

Right, now I don’t write these very often, so please bear with me. And it might be long….

The tickets for this show were bought a few months ago, I think it was. Almost as soon as they went on sale. I really like The Overtones, and thought it would be a lovely early Xmas present for Mum and I. A girly night out. Like the MB concert in May. We don’t have many of them.

Anyway, a before show selfie for you….


The show started more or less dead on 8pm, with the guys kind of bouncing out on stage and starting to sing some of the songs from their new Christmas album. (please don’t ask me what order anything went in, I’m useless at remembering that)

Now, I have just one complaint, and it could perfectly well be because I was half way through a massive cold and my ears were a bit bunged up, or the venue hasn’t got the best acoustics, but…….the sound was a bit off. Music loud, singing drowned out a bit. The second half was SO MUCH BETTER though, so either my ears adjusted, or the sound guys fiddled with some knobs. Either way I was having a good time!

The Xmas songs were interspersed with hits from their other albums, like ‘Run Around Sue’, ‘Gambling Man’ & my personal favourite ‘Shake Your Tail Feather’ (because they turned and wiggled their bums at the crowd while they sang) They’re fabulous singers, and very good at dancing with mic stands!

They’re also very funny and personable people. At one point they invited 5 random members of the crowd to pull a cracker with each of them, and Lachie then proceeded to read the rather rubbish joke that was inside. The conversation was as follows:

Lachie: This is a terrible joke. I don’t understand it. It makes no sense……..What does a clock do when it’s hungry?

Mark: Are you sure it says clock….?

Lachie: Hey now, careful! This is a family show! Yes, it does say clock. Although I can answer the other question too, if you like….. *wiggles eyebrows at the audience*

There were loads of funny quips through the entire show, and about half way through we even sung Happy Birthday to Mike’s Mum, who was in the crowd and celebrating that night. Apparently the other guys love her so much because she kisses them on the lips when she greets them!

Afterwards Mum and I were waiting for our lift to turn up and who should come out the front door but the guys themselves! I would have gone over and said hi, and maybe asked for selfies, but I was a bit too cold to move, very windswept and I’d turned my iPod off already (excuses, excuses, I know) But we both got a wave off Lachie and Timmy as they drove past in their people carrier, so that rounded off the evening perfectly! 🙂

Overall I have to say it was bloody fantastic, even with the slight sound issue at the start (might not have been an issue for others, of course). I think I only sat down for about 2 songs in the whole show. The rest of the time I was standing and dancing and swaying and waving my arms and singing along to ALL the words.

A Christmas Party with The Overtones did exactly what it said on the tin: A fabulous night of music that everybody could dance to. I’d completely recommend anybody go to see them next time they tour, especially if you’re a fan of harmony groups and doo-wop. There’s none much better I don’t think.

Some photos & a video I took. Bearing in mind I was about 15 rows back with bad zoom! (the full size versions are a bit better)